• What is simultaneous interpretation?

It is, as you can guess, interpretation performed almost simultaneously as the speaker speaks. Usually, it is performed in booths shown to the right for multiple languages, but it can be done in a simple form of booth such as in the second picture to the right, using the device such as shown in the third picture.


Interpreters use headsets to listen to the speaker in one language while interpreting in another language through the microphone for the audience who wear headsets to listen to interpreters. 


The above environment is ideal, however, in many cases in the real business world, we do not have luxury to be in a such situation all the time. More often than not, we use portable headsets for the audience so that they can hear the interpreters, but we have to listen to the speaker's voice through air. This is more challenging as the speaker's speech does not come into our ears. 


In today's busy world, simultaneous interpretation is a preferred method for many businesses to avoid spending double the time as when applying the method of consecutive interpretation.

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