Now, you can get professional help for just a dollar a minute! 


Usually, interpreters are booked by half day (4 hours) or all day (8 hours,) occasionally by the hour, but rarely by 30 minutes, not to mention by the minute. 


This is for someone who needs quick help. I can:

  • Read your short document like an email, note, letter and give you the gist of the document;
  • Facilitate your communication with a Japanese-speaking party;
  • Give you an insight on what to say or what it means when there is an issue with Japanese people;
  • Answer any questions related to Japanese customs or culture;
  • Help you learn Japanese;
  • Anything else that I can do remotely to help you bridge the gap.

How to book

  1. Contact me in email or contact form, explaining what your request is and how long you think it would take. Also, let me know your preferred date and time.
  2. We will discuss and set the appointment for you.
  3. Please make a payment through PayPal.
  4. We will talk, using the method of your choice.

  • For the first customer, the first 5 minutes are free!
  • If your problem ended up taking more than the time you paid for, you can pay later.
  • If your problem ended up taking shorter than the time you paid for, you can use the remaining minutes later if there is any "later" for you. If you think this would be the only time you need help, we will estimate shorter time so that time is not wasted.