What is helpful to interpreters when you hire one

  • Provide us with as much information as possible about the subject matter. The more information and background knowledge the interpreters have, the better they can perform. We are not machines; we need to know what is going to be discussed ahead of time for the best performance. If the speech is ready, that is perfect, but even if it is not ready, just the summary is helpful. Simple word lists or terms used or any information helps.
  • Give us some rest between interpreting. Again, we are not machines and our brain works pretty hard when listening in one language and speaking in another language. Usually, at least two interpreters are hired for a meeting that requires simultaneous interpreters so that we can switch every 15 minutes or so. It is not uncommon that an informal meeting goes on for many hours without a break, however, the longer it gets, our performance quality deteriorates. 
  • We usually bring water, but we may run out of water. Please keep us hydrated.
  • A good interpreter becomes invisible and two parties talk as if they are talking with each other. We are striving to be invisible. Please do not look at us and say, "Tell him that I said something, something..." 
  • And, speak slowly please! You do not need to speak so slowly as to the meaning is lost, but please talk while remembering that your words are interpreted. 

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